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  1. Björn Schießle (bes)'s status on Tuesday, 07-Feb-2017 12:26:47 UTC Björn Schießle Björn Schießle
    @heluecht Thanks. Seems that most free & decentralized services suffers from this problem. At least I know that GNU Social has a similar "problem". Wouldn't it be a good idea if Friendica would automatically clean-up dead entries after a few months/years if the server doesn't come back? Or maybe store something like a "instance id" to detect if there is a fresh installation at the same domain and then invalidate existing keys/connections? I think it is not that uncommon that people install it, use it for for some time, delete it and at some point in time install it again. Maybe there is no other choice to start with a fresh installation because of a server crash and missing backups or even the owner of a domain changes in between and the new owner doesn't know that the old one already run Friendica many years ago. I think it would be good to avoid that every domain is more or less "blocked" forever after someone run a Friendica server for some time.